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Scranton Transit Company

Dr. Groman was thrilled to have taken the Last Run on the Scranton Transit Company's streetcar on the evening of Saturday, December 18, 1954. During the trip he became so enamored with the streetcar that he decided he would attempt to save what equipment he could to be displayed at Rail City Museum. Up until this time his efforts were directed at procuring railroad rolling stock rather than streetcars and interurbans. Dr. Groman credited Richard Little, publisher of the Scranton Tribune, in securing two of the streetcars for Rail City Museum.

"The first steam-operating railroad museum in the U.S.A."

Conductor Michael O'Neil stands in front of Scranton Transit Company Streetcar #503 before its last run in Scranton, PA on December 18, 1954. Two streetcars made the final run (#503 and #505) and Dr. Groman and his family were on board for the last ride. Dr. Groman acquired two streetcars from the STC for Rail City Museum. [Photo by Stanley Groman, RCHM Collection.]

Saving streetcars from the city that first introduced them would be quite a tribute for Dr. Groman and his museum. Coming across this sign in downtown Scranton, PA, Dr. Groman had his family and friends strike a pose. From the left, Dr. Groman's daughter - Patricia (holding Erwin Kistner), wife - Doreen,
son - Robert, friends - Dorothy and Norman Kistner. [Photo by Stanley Groman, RCHM Collection.]

Although Dr. Groman purchased his own fleet of trucks to move equipment and structures, he frequently used the services of the Syracuse Rigging Company out of Syracuse, NY to move much of the heavy rail equipment.

A breakdown on highway Route 11 caused a delay in transporting car #505 to Rail City. Dr. Groman confers with the driver while Michael Pryzianzza checks the flat-bed trailer. [RCHM Collection.]

Dr. Groman also acquired Sweeper #107 from the Scranton Transit Company. It was origianlly built in 1910 by the Chicago and Joliet Electric Railway and served that line until it ceased operations. [Photo by Edward S. Miller, RCHM Collection.]

Streetcar #505 was manufactured by the Osgood Bradley Car Company in 1929. Ten of the 31 innovative "Electromobiles" built by Osgood Bradley were operated by the Scranton Transit Company.

Just after repairs were completed on the rear wheels of the flat-bed trailer, Dr. Goman posed with Erwin Kistner next to the Scranton Transit Company streetcar #505 before getting underway to Rail City. [RCHM Collection.]

The second strretcar acquired from the Scranton Transit Company was Sweeper #107 pictured below in front of the STC trolley barn in Scranton, PA in the 1940's. Dr. Groman attempted to purchase a third streetcar, STC Sand Car #1, but vandals got to it first and it was burned beyond repair and scrapped.