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Fonda Johnstown & Gloversville Railroad

The Fonda Johnstown and Gloversville Railroad was formed in 1867 and the first train over the road arrived in Gloversville, NY in November of 1870. Local leaders predicted major benefits to having a railroad that connected with the New York Central and Hudson River Railroad in Fonda, NY. Over the years the line prospered and expanded buying the Gloversville and Northville Railroad in 1881, being bought out by the Cayadutta Electric Railroad but retaining its name and distinct operation in 1894, and expanding electric services to Schenectady shortly after the turn of the century. The FJ&G reached its maximum trackage at this time having a combined total of about 130 miles (electric and steam).

Like many railroads, the FJ&G faced many challenges after 1920 but operated for 54 more years when it was sold to the Delaware and Otsego Railroad. The last train on the D&O ran in 1984 and the former FJ&G track was torn up six years later.  In the late 1950's Dr. Groman visited the FJ&G. The railroad was selling some of its equipment and Dr. Groman was taken by their 4 wheel "bobber" caboose. It was purchased and added to the growing list of equipment at Rail City Museum.

"The first steam-operating railroad museum in the U.S.A."

FJ&G railroad fan trip on October 27, 1946. Photo taken at the NYC RR Station in Fonda, NY. Barely visible with its distinctive FJ&G markings is the caboose acquired by Dr. Groman at the end of the train. [Photo compliments of Erwin Kistner]

The FJ&G caboose was prominently displayed in the center of the museum next to the NYC RR Water Tower from Lowville, NY (just above the Buick automobile in the photograph). Other equipment seen in the photograph from right to left are: part of a combine attached by belt to the steam tractor, No. 38 locomotive from the H&BTM RR, FJ&G caboose No. 1, No. 63 locomotive from the Jamesville Quarry (The Solvay Process Company), a 19000 series caboose from the NYC RR, H&BT caboose in between the NYC caboose and H&BT coach, and the H&BT former electric Brill coach No. 27. [Photo by Stanley Groman, 1960]