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Rail City Historical Museum
162 Stanley Drive
Sandy Creek, NY 13145
Robert J Groman, Owner/Curator

Rolling Stock

Promotional photograph sold at Rail City during the 1950's. The caption above reads: "Visitors to Rail City enjoy climbing on historic old #38, the engine that completed the steam era in New York State on the New York Central RR June 6, 1954."
Dr. Groman is the first individual on the left with no shirt. He was working with men that he hired to construct the museum at the time the photographer arrived to take about a dozen photographs. To the surprise of many visitors, he was seen frequently in baggy beige work pants and was often mistaken as one of the hired workmen.
[RCHM Photo Collection]

Listed below in alphabetical order are the railroad operations where Dr. Groman acquired his equipment. The links give a brief history of each operation as well as the identity of the various pieces of equipment transported to Rail City Museum in Sandy Creek, New York.

"The first steam-operating railroad museum in the U.S.A."