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Niagara, St. Catherines & Toronto Railway

Streetcar No. 130 was acquired from the Niagara, St. Catherines and Toronto Railway through the efforts of Ed Ellis (Syracuse Chapter, National Railway Historical Society) and Al Kerr (Buffalo Chapter, National Railway Historical Society) in the summer of 1956. Original plans called for moving the streetcar by rail, like the LE&N Car #797, but it proved easier and cheaper to move it by flat-bed truck.

The car was not loaded for transport until January 2, 1957. Within 7 miles of Rail City Museum while traveling north on Scenic Highway Route 3, Streetcar #130 struck a bridge girder over the Salmon River at Port Ontario, New York. The damage was minor but the car had to be re-routed to Pulaski to cross the Salmon River by open bridge via Jefferson Street. This was one of many such incidents that occurred while moving the heavy equipment from their origin to Rail City Museum in upstate New York.

"The first steam-operating railroad museum in the U.S.A."

Car #130 from the Niagara, St. Catherines and Toronto Railway, a subsidiary of the Canadian National Transportation Limited, on display at Rail City in 1963. [Photograph by Norm Kistner compliments of his son, Erwin Kistner. RCHM Photo Collection.]