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The Jamesville Quarry was located a few miles southeast of the city of Syracuse, NY in
the town of Jamesville, NY. It was owned by the The Solvay Process Company, a Division
of Allied Chemical. The quarry started operation in 1909 and used steam operated
Manhattan engines. In 1923 the company introduced saddle tank "Dinky" locomotives to
haul stone from their quarry. Rather than towing a separate tender with coal and water,
water for the locomotive was carried in a tank 'saddled' over the boiler owing to the name
"saddle tank." Coal was carried in a small compartment in the rear of the locomotive.
"The first steam-operating railroad museum in the U.S.A."

Browning Steam Crane No. 3 in operation at Solvay Process in 1954. [Photo by Stanley Groman, RCHM
Photo Collection]

Two of the five Koppel quarry cars are unloaded at Rail City. A crane had to be available to load the
equipment in Jamesville and to unload it at Rail City Museum. In the background is the 50,000 gallon water
tower from Lowville, NY under construction. To the right is a flagman's shanty from Oswego, NY and a railroad
crossing sign from the New York Central Railroad. The stand-pipe to the left of the crane also came from
Lowville, NY. [Photo by Stanley Groman, RCHM Photo Collection]